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Patents Form 8 and its Quirks

21 September 2015

Patents Form 8 is the “Statement of Inventorship and of Right to Grant of Patent (PF8)”.

The current version of the form requires the following information on each inventor to be provided to IPOS:

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Filing a Statement of Inventorship

18 September 2015

Under the Patents Act, there is an obligation for an Applicant to name the inventors in a Singapore patent application. The Applicant is also required to disclose how he derived the right to be granted a patent from the inventors.

The time limits for filing a statement of inventorship are set out in the Rules, but are different depending on the type of application involved. Failure to file a statement of inventorship could lead to the application being treated as having been abandoned.

Because of this, it is crucial that a statement of inventorship is filed at IPOS within the relevant time limt.

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Statement of Inventorship Not Required? Not True

17 September 2015

Since yesterday’s post on the topic of inventorship in Singapore, we have been made aware of some potentially misleading information on the Internet:

Misleading Information on Statement of Inventorship

This passage appears to indicate that a Statement of Inventorship is not required to be filed, unless IPOS calls for it.

If so, this statement couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, if you don’t file a Statement of Inventorship in time and wait for IPOS to ask you to file it, you might end up with a patent application that is treated as having been abandoned!

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Inventorship in Singapore

16 September 2015

This post is part of a series exploring inventorship of patents and inventions in Singapore.

Under Singapore Patent Law, in the first instance, a patent may be granted primarily to the inventor or joint inventors of an invention. Section 2(1) of the Patents Act helpfully defines an “inventor” as the “actual deviser of the invention”.

It is not always the case that the invention belongs to the inventor or inventors, however. In fact, it is quite common for the invention to belong to another party, who is the applicant of the patent application for the invention described.

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Recommended for Patent Prosecution in Singapore

15 September 2015

IAM Patent 1000 Recommended Individual

I’m very pleased to have been selected as a leading individual for patent prosecution in Singapore in the IAM 1000: The World’s Leading Patent Practitioners 2015:

Chong-Yee Khoo is a “rare bird – he manages to blend staggering legal skill with unparalleled insight into the life sciences”.

The IAM 1000 is compiled annually by Intellectual Asset Magazine and identifies the top patent professionals in key jurisdictions around the globe.

We love it when our clients appreciate the work we do, but it is also nice to be recognised by the industry as a leader in the field.

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