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Re-registration of Singapore Patents in Cambodia

9 September 2015

IPOS has announced that a Singapore patent can be re-registered as a patent in Cambodia. It is therefore now possible to obtain a Cambodian patent on the basis of a patent that has already been granted in Singapore.

The process is straightforward and may be worth considering for applicants who have commercial interests in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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IPOS Declares New Excluded Days

8 September 2015

IPOS has issued Practice Direction No. 2 of 2015, the effect of which is to declare the following as excluded days:

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Singapore High Court Refuses Application to Amend Patent

29 June 2015

The Singapore High Court recently considered the allowability of post-grant amendments in the judgement of Ship’s Equipment Centre Bremen GmbH v Fuji Trading (Singapore) Pte Ltd [2015] SGHC 159.

This case is a stark reminder that post-grant patent amendments in Singapore remain discretionary, in contrast to the changes to the UK Patents Law introduced by the Patents Act 2004 and in consideration of EPC 2000.

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Sequence Listings in Singapore Biotech Patent Applications

22 June 2015

This blog post deals with the filing of sequence listings in Singapore patent applications which contain disclosures of nucleotide and amino acid sequences.

Unlike other jurisdictions, there are no provisions in Singapore legislation relating to sequence listings. How then does an applicant file a sequence listing for a biotech patent application in Singapore?

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Extensions of Time for Singapore Patents: Late National Phase Entry in Singapore

10 June 2015

We often get asked the question “What is the latest deadline for entering the national phase of a PCT application in Singapore?”

Sometimes the question is phrased “How late can we enter the Singapore national phase?” or “Are extensions of time available for PCT national phase entry in Singapore?” or “Is it possible to enter the Singapore national phase late?”

This post discusses the provisions available under Singapore patent law for obtaining an extension of time for late entry into the Singapore national phase of an International patent application.

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