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Grant Procedure for Singapore Patent Applications

2 March 2015

This post outlines the procedures for obtaining grant of a Singapore patent application filed under the amended Singapore Patents Act.

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Voluntary Amendments to Singapore Patent Applications

6 February 2015

This post deals with the process, in particular, the timing of filing voluntary amendments during the prosecution of a patent application in Singapore.

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Asian Patent Attorneys Association 63rd Council Meeting (APAA 2014 Penang)

16 October 2014

APAA 2014 Penang (more formally known as the “63rd Council Meeting of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association”) will be held in the lovely island of Penang, Malaysia between 8 and 11 November 2014.

Penang Beach

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INTA 2014 Hong Kong – Dinner Anyone?

1 May 2014

Open Invitation to Roast Goose Dinner at Yung Kee (7 pm Friday 9 May 2014)

Note: An earlier version of this blog post gave the day of the dinner incorrectly as Saturday. It’s actually Friday 9th May 2014. Apologies for any confusion.

Psst…roast goose, anyone?

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Joint Ownership of Singapore Patents and Singapore Patent Applications

21 March 2014

Sections 46 and 73 of the Singapore Patents Act as amended sets out the rights of co-owners of patents and patent applications.

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